Welcome to the official homepage of the Social Neuroscience Lab at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Lübeck University. Our lab consists of two groups: Social Neuroscience in Psychiatry (head: Sören Krach) and Social Neuroscience Methods (head: Frieder Paulus).

On the following pages you will find basic information on our research agenda and lab members.


Left to right, upper row: Macià Buades Rotger & Ulrike Krämer (members of the closely associated Cognitive Neuroscience Lab), Janine Baumann, David Stolz, Sören Krach, Lena Rademacher (with Leo); Left to right, lower row: Matthias Liebrand (Cognitive Neuroscience Lab), Nora Czekalla, Annalina Mayer, Laura Müller-Pinzler, Frieder Paulus