Lab colloquium

Winter term 2020/2021


20.10. Introduction into rStudio (Finn Lübber)

Block I: Immunology (Finn Lübber & Tanja Lange)

27.10. Introduction I 

03.11. Introduction II

10.11. Free slot for MA presentation by Viktor Wahner

17.11.  Introduction III

Block II: MVPA/RSA (David Stolz/ Annalina Mayer)

24.11. Introduction I

01.12. Introduction II

08.12. external talk (?)

15.12. free slot for BA/MA presentation 

Block III: Social grids? (Alexander Schröder & Frieder Paulus) 

12.01. Introduction I

19.01. Introduction II 

26.01. external talk (?)

02.02. end of term 

Summer term 2020


Block I: What is Open Science and how does it work? (Lena Rademacher)

21.04. Open Science Collaboration “Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science” 

28.04. Scheel et al, preprint “An excess of positive results: Comparing the standard Psychology literature with Registered Reports”

05.05. Allen & Mehler 2019 “Open science challenges, benefits and tips in early career and beyond”

12.05. Invited talk by Julia Beitner from the Open Science Initiative, Frankfurt

Block II: Value und der VMPFC (David Stolz)

19.05. Stalnaker et al.: “What OFC does not do”

26.05. Aoki et al.: “Value of Choices and Social Equality in vmPFC”  

02.06. Pfingsten

09.06. Roy et al.: “Constructing Affective Meaning”             

16.06. Viewpoints: Discussion between Schiller, Huettel, Fellows, Delgado and others

Block III: Aktuelle Forschung zu Psychose/Schizophrenie

23.06. The Predictive Coding Account of Psychosis (Sterzer et al., 2018; Biol Psychiatry)


Winter term 2019/2020


Block I: Microbiome & Psychiatry (Johanna Voges)

05.11. Introduction 

12.11. Introduction 

19.11. Introduction

Block II: Social learning in anxiety or depression (Laura Müller-Pinzler, Nora Czekalla, Sören Krach)

26.11. Hopkins et al.: “Reduced positive evidence within activated self-schema…”

03.12. Niv et al.: “Learning task-state representations”   

10.12. Becker et al.: “Altered activaton of the ventral striatum…”

17.12. Christmas Special:  Rollwage et al. : „What underlies political polarization?   

Block III: Social emotions & psychiatry (Annalina Mayer)

07.01. What is an emotion? Dispute between Feldman-Barett & Adolphs 10.1016/j.cub.2019.09.008


Block IV: VMPFC & Control (David Stolz)

21.01. Na et al.: „Humans use forward thinking to exert social control”


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