“The argument from authority tries to justify a conclusion by pointing out that some expert or authority endorses the conclusion. […] “My parents say that Santa Claus exists. Therefore Santa Claus exists” or “My peers say that clothing item x is great. Therefore clothing item x is great.” In the case of the JIF, a high impact factor of a journal would play the role of an authority for the quality of the papers within it.”
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Effects of smoking cessation on presynaptic dopamine function of addicted male smokers

Abstract Background: There is evidence of abnormal cerebral dopamine transmission in nicotine-dependent smokers, but it is unclear whether dopaminergic abnormalities are due to acute nicotine abuse …

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2015Meta-Science (Methods)

Test-retest reliability of effective connectivity in the face perception network

Abstract Computational approaches have great potential for moving neuroscience toward mechanistic models of the functional integration among brain regions. Dynamic causal modeling (DCM) offers a …

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2015Meta-Science (Methods)

Test-retest reliability of dynamic causal modeling for fMRI

Abstract Dynamic causal modeling (DCM) is a Bayesian framework for inferring effective connectivity among brain regions from neuroimaging data. While the validity of DCM has …

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2014Meta-Science (Methods)

Association of rs1006737 in CACNA1C with alterations in prefrontal activation and fronto-hippocampal connectivity

Abstract Background: Genome-wide association studies have identified the rs1006737 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the CACNA1C gene as a susceptibility locus for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. …

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2014Meta-Science (Implications)

The uncanny return of the race concept

Abstract The aim of this Hypothesis and Theory is to question the recently increasing use of the “race” concept in contemporary genetic, psychiatric, neuroscience as …

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2013Meta-Science (Implications)

On the role of critique for science: a reply to Bao and Pöppel

Abstract We are pleased that the concerns raised about cultural neuroscience (CN) have initiated a debate. This indicates that there are some issues worth being …

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2013Meta-Science (Methods)

Potential bias in meta-analyses of effect sizes in imaging genetics

Abstract The penetrance of genetic variation has been assumed to be higher at the level of neural phenotypes than at the level of behavioral phenotypes. …

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