The neural substrate of reward anticipation in health: A meta-analysis of fMRI findings in the monetary incentive delay task


The monetary incentive delay task breaks down reward processing into discrete stages for fMRI analysis. Here we look at anticipation of monetary gain and loss contrasted with neutral anticipation. We meta-analysed data from 15 original whole-brain group maps (n = 346) and report extensive areas of relative activation and deactivation throughout the whole brain. For both anticipation of gain and loss we report robust activation of the striatum, activation of key nodes of the putative salience network, including anterior cingulate and anterior insula, and more complex patterns of activation and deactivation in the central executive and default networks. On between-group comparison, we found significantly greater relative deactivation in the left inferior frontal gyrus associated with incentive valence. This meta-analysis provides a robust whole-brain map of a reward anticipation network in the healthy human brain.


The Neural Substrate of Reward Anticipation in Health: A Meta-Analysis of fMRI Findings in the Monetary Incentive Delay Task. Wilson RP, Colizzi M, Bossong MG, Allen P, Kempton M; MTAC, Abe N, Barros-Loscertales AR, Bayer J, Beck A, Bjork J, Boecker R, Bustamante JC, Choi JS, Delmonte S, Dillon D, Figee M, Garavan H, Hagele C, Hermans EJ; ICCAM Consortium, Ikeda Y, Kappel V, Kaufmann C, Lamm C, Lammertz SE, Li Y, Murphy A, Nestor L, Pecina M, Pfabigan D, Pizzagalli D, Rademacher L, Roee A, Sommer T, Stark R, Suzuki H, Van Amselvoort T, Van Hell E, Vink M, Votinov M, Wotruba D, Bhattacharyya S. Neuropsychol Rev. 2018 Sep 25. doi: 10.1007/s11065-018-9385-5.

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