“The argument from authority tries to justify a conclusion by pointing out that some expert or authority endorses the conclusion. […] “My parents say that Santa Claus exists. Therefore Santa Claus exists” or “My peers say that clothing item x is great. Therefore clothing item x is great.” In the case of the JIF, a high impact factor of a journal would play the role of an authority for the quality of the papers within it.”
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Mapping Research Domain Criteria using a transdiagnostic mini-RDoC assessment in mental disorders

Abstract This study aimed to build on the relationship of well-established self-report and behavioral assessments to the latent constructs positive (PVS) and negative valence systems …

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New publication out in Human Brain Mapping!

Abstract Accelerated maturation of brain parenchyma close to term-equivalent age leads to rapid changes in diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) metrics of …

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The contribution of sleep to the neuroendocrine regulation of rhythms in human leukocyte traffic

Abstract Twenty-four-hour rhythms in immune parameters and functions are robustly observed phenomena in biomedicine. Here, we summarize the important role of sleep and associated parameters …

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Editorial: The Different Faces of Sickness

Editorial on the Research Topic: The Different Faces of Sickness   Sickness not only includes symptoms that classically define an infection (e.g., fever, nausea, headache), …

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2020Meta-Science (Implications)

The c-index as a measure of a scientist’s efficiency and assertiveness

Abstract The Cuckoo-index (c-index) is a new index that attempts to measure both the effectivity and the savviness of a scientist. The index is based …

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